Below is a summary of some main features in Cyberday. Find more info form the individual pages.

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Features > Frameworks

Choose most important requirements to guide work

Structure in Cyberday is built of 12 cyber themes. When you choose your framework, each theme is filled with content that is required to be executed. From the dashboard you can see how requirements start to get filled.

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FEATURES > Cyber tasks

Make sure tasks get done and can be demonstrated

Task lists include the core things of cyber security. Decide, which tasks are done and who's responsible. Tasks are listed by connection to frameworks so you will see the most important tasks on top of the list.

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Botti huolehtii ohjeiden kouluttamisen

Botti lähettää henkilöstölle ajoittain case-kertomuksia ja kyselyjä, joilla osaaminen paranee kevyesti. Henkilöstöltä pyydetään myös kuittaus heille kuuluvien tietoturvaohjeiden noudattamiselle.


Kohdista eri tietoturvan osa-alueet vastuuhenkilölle

Kukin osa-alue sisältää listan hallintatehtäviä, jotka vastuuhenkilö käsittelee läpi ja tarvittaessa nimeää eteenpäin. Bottimme varmistaa, että tehtävät eivät unohdu ja ne kuitataan säännöllisesti.

FEATURES > Cyber Guidelines

Train guidelines automatically and monitor reading

Target guidelines to most relevant units and employees. You get recommendations by selected frameworks and can also add your own if needed.

Employees connect to Cyberday via our MS Teams app. Our Teams bot won't let employees forget their cyber guidelines.

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Features > Documentation

Efficient templates for documentation

CyberDay contains smart templates e.g. for  data system, personal data and cyber riskdocumentation. You don't need to write or draw, you can just click arond and link information, when automatic reporting is enabled.

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Features > Reporting

Demonstrate you act according to requirements

Cyberday includes a report library, which we are continuously reinforcing.

No matter if it's own management, an authority, auditor or a customer, you have the necessary reports available and can compile them with a single click.

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