Keep your ISMS active via Slack

Download Cyberday app for Slack to receive your ISMS admin notifications and end user reminders in Slack.

Don't forget your own cyber security responsibilities

Get a weekly digest of most important issues and overall status of your content via our app for Slack.

Weekly digest is sent on Friday's between 9-12 EET.

Put employee security awareness training on auto-pilot

You can use Cyberday app for Slack to automatically add all employees into your security awareness training process and automatically remind them of unread guidelines.

Employees will by default receive the notification once a month (on the 1st Friday between 11-14 EET), but you can also trigger the notification manually from any Guidelines list view.

N.b.! For the user syncing to work properly, users' emails need to match between Slack and Cyberday.
Case examples and skill tests are an optional extension to Guidebook that can be enabled by admins on Settings.
With user syncing, new users are created on level 'Employee'. They can only access Guidebook, not other app sections. Raise the user level for people you want to e.g. assign tasks for.

Reminders of important deadlines

Our app for Slack will remind you when items are due in 7 days and when the due date arrives.

Mentions from colleagues

In Cyberday you can collaborate via comments in important ISMS items.

Frequently asked questions

How often does Cyberday for Slack notify users?

Users will receive notifications of following triggers:

Weekly notifications for admins, core team users and contributors on your ISMS. This notification lists their responsibilities and reminds of possible items that are overdue or pending for review.

Monthly notifications for all users, if you're utilizing the Guidebook for employee cyber security guideline acceptance and training. This notification tells each user if they have unread guidelines on their personal Guidebook.

Immediate notifications for the owner, when an item in the ISMS (e.g. a task or documentation item) is due in 7 days or due today.

Why my user isn't getting notifications via Slack although our account is connected?

For the user syncing between Slack and Cyberday to work correctly, the users' emails need to match between the two services.

So if you have e.g. created your Cyberday account originally with a different email than you're using in Slack, you would need to update your email in Cyberday for the connection to work properly. This will automatically go OK for any new user added through the user syncing. 👍

Can I send notifications manually?

You can trigger the monthly guideline notifications manually, e.g. after you've added a few new guidelines and assigned them for all employees.

This can be done on the top section of any guidelines list view. Here you will also see, when the next monthly notification will be automatically sent.

How can I learn more about Cyberday?

There's a few good ways!

Start a free 14-day trial immediately and learn more by yourself.

Book a meeting with us, and we'll show you how stuff works.

Join our webinars to learn more of a certain cyber security theme.

Use our Academy to study the Cyberday concept yourself.