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Review Cyberday in G2

Want to recommend us to others? Amazing! This article will help you to write a product review on G2.

What is G2?

G2 is a software marketplace with over 145 000 products and services listed. G2 offers authentic customer reviews in order to enable smarter software decisions.  

How to leave review in G2?

There are several ways to submit a review on the G2 platform, but the easiest way to submit a review is directly through the Cyberday page:

Scroll down on the product page, after media you will find "write a review" button.

Review Cyberday

Tip: If you want to save time, you can sign in with your LinkedIn or Google work account.

G2 requires an account to create reviews, but you can also login with existing Linkedin or Google work accounts to save time.

G2 review form helps you to create constructive feedback on the product, and a combination of open-ended and multiple-choice questions will make the evaluation comprehensive.

Questions and feedback

Do you have any further questions, would you like more help or would you like to give feedback? Contact our team at or via the chat in the bottom right corner.


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