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Content management

How to train guidelines for employees?

Guidelines are one of the main content types in Cyberday. When you've chosen a framework, you will see guidelines being highlighted under some of the cyber security themes listed on dashboard.

To activate a suggested guideline:

  1. Choose the right theme card from dashboard
  2. Click the "Guidelines" card
  3. Browse to the correct guideline and switch the distribution to either All or Units

Units means the guideline will be targeted only for the employees linked to selected units. All connects the guideline with all employees on your account.

CyberBot automatically trains guidelines

When you've selected a distribution for a guidelines, the bot goes to work doing the following things:

  • Tells case example stories to highlight the "why" behind a cyber security guidelines
  • Gets acceptance for the guidelines from employees
  • Arranges skill tests for employees, after all guidelines from one theme are accepted