Ensuring system hardening


Systems here mean servers, workstations, active network devices (firewalls, routers, switches, wireless base stations, etc.) and the like. Hardening, on the other hand, means changing the system's settings in such a way that the system's vulnerability area can be reduced.

Organization has defined operating processes through which:

  • Only essential features, devices and services (in terms of usage and data processing requirements) are put into use. Redundancies are also removed at the BIOS level.
  • There is a procedure in which systems are systematically installed so that the end result is a hardened installation.
  • A hardened installation contains only such components and services, and users and processes rights that are necessary to meet operational requirements and ensure security.
  • Software such as operating systems, applications, and firmware are set to collect the necessary log information to detect abuse.
  • Starting the data system from an unknown (other than defined as primary) is blocked from the device.
  • Software (e.g. firmware, applications) is kept up-to-date.
  • Connections to the target, including management connections, are limited, hardened, user-identified and time-limited (session timeout).< /li>
Connected other frameworks and requirements:
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