Core-framework for cyber security

Core framework gets you started on cyber security the right way

Core framework includes the key tasks, guidelines and documentation that are involved on all other cyber security frameworks. It's a great first step for improved cyber security management.


Data asset management


Personnel security


Email and phishing


Remote work and mobile devices

From requirements into action

Core framework includes the requirements that belong to all other cyber frameworks.

Tasks: Data system management

Tehtävälistaus: Järjestelmien hallinta

Tehtävälistaus: Järjestelmien hallinta

Documentation: Databanks

Documentation: Databanks

Documentation: Databanks

Report: Organisation's cyber security measures

Report: Data system map

Task: MFA usage for admins

Document data system key info

Guideline: Scam prevention policy

Clear responbilities

Taskbook-view lists personal responsibilities for each user on data protection work.

DOcument key Assets of cyber security

Document using ready-made smart templates

Cyberday includes ready-made templates for collecting the essential cyber security documentation.

Our cyber library provides a wealth of example content, which saves significant time in documentation.

Data systems
System providers
Cyber security key tasks

Set responsibilities for key cyber security tasks

Good cyber security requires delegating the responsibility of various tasks and measures. Cyberday's Core framework offers ready-made task and guideline templates for the tasks repeating on all other frameworks.

You can also get additional support for improved data procetion by utilizing some of our privacy oriented frameworks.

Data system management
Remote work and mobile devices
Email and phishing
Personnel guidelines
Internal reporting

Show improved cyber level for management

Core frameworks document-formatted reports help you show for an auditor or own management, that you have cyber security in control.

Cyberday includes ready-made templates, where data is filled as work progresses. Each framework has its own reports, so the Core starts from the basics of cyber reporting.

Organisation's cyber security measures
Cyber incidents and management
Reports for stakeholders

Näytä asiakkaille digiturvan olevan hallussa

In addition to the internal, document-like report, Cyberday also automatizes other kind of reporting.

Visual reports support developmentary work and perceiving the big picture and connections. Publishable reports in turn help to e.g. automatize privacy communications.

Data system map
Privacy notices

Examples of organisations using Cyberday to manage GDPR compliance and improve data protection.

"Cyberday helps to document efficiently and to have an overview of data protection."

Paavo Juntunen, CIO, Delete

"Cyberday has helped in understaning requirements and get in control of GDPR."

Sakari Hulkkonen, IT manager, Super

"A ready-made template accelerates your data protection work and compliance."

Antti Koljonen, ICT manager, Tuomi logistiikka

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