Frameworks set targets for work

Choose the right framework

Get an overview or inspect on more detail

When you select a framework, you immediately see an overview of compliance on dashboard and have detailed reports available according to your choice.

Summary on dashboard
Framework-specific reports
Content derived from requirements

CyberDay's content adapts to selected framework

Frameworks are designed to offer structure for the work and help target resources correctly.

All content; tasks, guidelines and documentation, highlight the things connected to your selected frameworks. You can see how much work is left and what you should do next.

Required tasks
Recommended guidelines
Reports of compliance
Custom reports
Growing framework library

Adding more frameworks continuously

We want everyone to be able to set the correct target for their works, so we're adding new frameworks all the time. Right now we're researching e.g. the following ones:

NIST (security)
CCPA (privacy)
Cloud security alliance

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