Extensions to Cyberday

Extension for data system management

Identify used cloud apps

With the help of our browser extension we can monitor the use of data by your employees. This is vital e.g. regardingdata transfer compliance and it helps optimize costs and security towards cloud apps.

Extension gathers a listing of used apps automatically. We scan all service providers for more detailed info e.g. about data location and other security details. Map-view helps you understand where your data really is.

Requires browser extension
Extension for data system management

Manage and monitor access rights

Outdated access rights are a common security issue. When an employee arrives or quits it is troublesome to manage access for all needed apps and services.

Our access management extension tracks the accessed apps automatically. Improve your cyber security and optimize onboarding and offboarding processes.

Requires browser extension
Extension for Privacy work

Privacy notices and data subject requests

GDPR demands transparent communication to data subjects about performed data processing. Data subjects also need a way to exercise their righst to e.g. data access or rectification.

Cyberday offers an efficient way to create a notice, publish it on a web service and reciece subject access requests where the data subject has been identified, straight through the privacy notice.

Free extension
Extension for Privacy work

Web training for data protection

GDPR demands the data controller to ensure personnel process personal data securely and according to given instructions.

Through Cyberday you can provide an agile web training, that goes through the main elements of data protection and automatically reports and monitors the performance for each employee.

Priced separately

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